Great Online Comics Communities

The internet can be a hard place to navigate sometimes and something that can be especially hard to find are online communities that are positive and drama-free. We asked comic folks over on Twitter for their favourite communities to discuss comics and other geeky things with their peers, and this is the list that we’ve compiled based on the suggestions:

  • The Valkries – These ladies encourage and steer great discussions over on their Twitter feed. You can check out their regular #ValkRecs for some books to discover or follow them and get involved with the conversation.
  • The Wednesday Club – Geek & Sundry’s The Wednesday Club has a Discord channel and a Facebook group where people can join in the discussion about comic books with hosts Amy Dallen, Taliesin Jaffe, and Matthew Key.
  • – There’s a lot of comics creators within the forums on Mark Millar’s Millarworld web site. They discuss everything from the creative process (and finding creators to work with) to just geeking out over comic books, movies, TV, and whatever else is going on in the world.

This list is small right now because quite honestly, there’s a lot of hostile and negative environments within comics. That being said, we hope that this grows and becomes more inclusive over time.

If you know of a site, community, or channel that should be added to this list, please email and let us know.

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