Job Opportunities for Creators

If you’re a creator looking for work, finding paid projects can be difficult at times. We’ve compiled a few links to help you discover work to grow your portfolio and your career:

  • Find Anthologies! – A Twitter account that’s dedicated to posting up currently accepting submissions. This is a great place to check out regularly if you’re looking to contribute to an anthology.
  • Opportunities for Cartoonists – a web site that organizes (and prioritizes) paid gigs for creators working in comic books.
  • deviantART Job Offer Forum – a forum where users can post up job offers they have open.
  • ZWOL – another forum where creators can post up jobs that they’re currently hiring for.
  • Penciljack – a forum with a dedicated space for creators to post up jobs they’re offering.
  • Digital Webbing – a forum where creators can post up job offers and collaboration projects.
  • Reddit/ComicBookCollabs – a subreddit page dedicated to creators who want to find other creators to work on projects or seek each other out for advice and feedback.
  • Gutterzombie – a forum that has job opportunities for creators.
  • Comic Book Hour – this community has a section in their forums for jobs that are available to creators.

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