Kriota Willberg’s “Get A Grip” Series on The Beat

Kriota Willberg is a cartoonist that has been working in the comics industry for quite some time. Kriota uses her knowledge and experience from working as a massage therapist and health science educator to help people learn more about their bodies and how to take care of them. She uses her platform and experience to talk about injury prevention for artists in what we consider to be vitally important in creator self-care.

Kriota put together a series called “Get A Grip” over on The Beat that focuses on self-care for artists and the small things they can change in order to make big differences. We wanted to share those articles here for you to easily access. Alternatively, you can click on “Get A Grip” to be taken to the entire series over on The Beat.

Kriota Willberg has also written a recently published book (April 2018) on all of this called “Draw Stronger” (pictured above). From Kriota’s personal blog, here are some snippits of what you can find within the book (which is available for purchase now):

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