What’s in an anthology contract?

Contracts exist to protect all the partners involved, and to help clarify expectations. They should help both the publisher and the artist know what’s involved in the project, and let everyone make the most informed decision possible.

Here’s our sample contract (click the link to be taken to the downloadable template) we use for anthologies, with some notes on why we made these choices. This is designed for an anthology or zine, but not a graphic novel. Graphic novel contracts are a lot more complex, and represent more money and time. If you find any of this language useful, please, use whatever you can to make the best possible comics. Words in BLUE should be replaced to match your project before sending to anyone.

Agreement for materials submitted to “Project

This submission agreement is entered into and between: Publisher (hereafter referred to as Publisher), and the submitting Artist, Writer, Letterer and/or Colourist (hereafter referred to as Creator).

This submission agreement defines terms between Publisher and Creator, that pertain to their writing or artwork (hereafter referred to as Work) being featured in “Project.”


    1. Writers will be paid X Currency per page, to a maximum of XX Currency ( Max pages ).
    2. Artists will be paid X Currency per page, to a maximum of XX Currency Max pages ).
    3. Colourists will be paid X Currency per page, to a maximum of XX Currency ( Max pages ).
    4. If a Creator performs multiple roles, they will be paid for each, to a maximum of XX Currency ( Max pages ).
    5. Creators do not receive royalties or other compensation.
    6. Whether the Kickstarter succeeds or fails, all creators will be paid.

Payment Schedule

    1. The Publisher will send half the payment after the Creator signs this contract and provides us with their payment information.
    2. The Publisher will send the second half of the payment after the Work is completed, either 30 days after the Kickstarter ends, or Month Day, Year, whichever date is first.
    3. If the page count is increased or decreased between the initial script and the completed Work, the second payment will be adjusted to reflect the new length.

Complimentary Copies

    1. Publisher will provide each Creator with X complimentary copies of the book.
    2. Publisher will pay the shipping costs to get the X complimentary copies to the Creator.
    3. Creators will be able to purchase additional discounted copies up until the book goes to print.
    4. If the Work is fully complete before Month Day, Year, so that it can be used in Kickstarter promotion, each member of that creative team will receive an additional XX complimentary copies for a total of Total.

Work Schedule

    1. To be included in the physical printed book, all work must be completed by Month Day, Year.
    2. Earlier completion, especially for use with the Month Year Kickstarter, is ideal.
    3. Publisher reserves the right to require reasonable revisions to a Work in order to ensure that the Work meets Publisher’s quality standards for publication. Creator shall receive reasonable notice of such standards and reasonable time to revise the Work accordingly.
    4. Publisher also reserves the right not to publish a Work if, by Month Day, Year, the Work still fails to meet Publisher’s quality standards for publication. If the Work is not published, the Creator is restored all rights to first publication and may use it immediately in other contexts. The Creator will still be paid for their work.


    1. Creators grant Publisher ongoing permission to publish the Work in print and electronic formats ad infinitum. This includes reprints and digital sales containing the Work.
    2. Creators grant Publisher the right of first publication until one year after the book launches or Month Day, Year, whichever is first. After this date, Creators may include Work in other forms of publication and media.
    3. Creators are encouraged to post process work on their social media, but not the final lettered pages until the right of first publication expires.
    4. Creators grant Publisher permission to use Work and Creators’ names or professional pseudonyms in marketing and promotion.
    5. Creators retain exclusive copyright to the Work, including story, characters and artwork, for all media including print, web and film.
    6. Creators confirm that they own all copyrights to the Work, and assume any and all liability for submitting Work to which they do not own the copyright.

I understand and agree to this submission document. I sign this document of my own free will and under no duress.

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