A Guide to Affordable Art Supplies

Walmart Walmart Art Supply Review Introduction Sketching and Inking: Clearpoint Mechanical Pencils Triplus Fineliners Papermate Flair Ultrafine Pentel Hi Polymer and Neon Erasers Casemate 2-in-1 Sharpener U Create Sketchbooks Markers: Crayola Supertip 50 Washable Markers Pacon Artist Marker Pad Watercolor:  Alex Watercolors Crayola Washable Watercolors Daler and Rowney Simply Watercolor Walmart Art Supply Review: Overall … Continue reading A Guide to Affordable Art Supplies

Intro to Comic Craft

STEP BY STEP: Brainstorming and Development: Introduction Brainstorming and Character Development Script and Thumbnails: Developing a Script Turning Your Script into Thumbnails and Layouts Creating Thumbnails Converting Your Thumbnails Into Roughs (includes blueline tutorial)Character Design Roughs: Introduction to Roughs Environment in Roughs Scanning Your Blueline Roughs The Finish On Your Comic Inking Using Calligraphy Pens for … Continue reading Intro to Comic Craft

The fine art of getting your new book onto a store’s shelves!

So you’ve just finished putting together your first graphic novel. First of all, awesome. Congratulations. You should treat yourself to a nice dinner, and maybe take the rest of the weekend off. Because come Monday, the next leg of your journey begins: actually getting your book into as many hands as possible. Obviously conventions are … Continue reading The fine art of getting your new book onto a store’s shelves!