How To Get Into Comics: An Introduction

How To Get Into Comics is a column that will hopefully help anyone come to the medium of comics. Obviously this site is here to help creators navigate the industry but if you need some information on the industry in general, we aim to help you out as much as we possibly can. This column is something that I’ve been passionate about putting together for a long time now and I’m happy that I feel as though I can dedicate some time to it because it feels necessary.

Comics has a long standing history of being incredibly intimidating to jump into, especially when it comes to Marvel and DC Comics. I want to make things a little bit easier for people out there with topics such as:

  • Creators and where to start
  • How to choose a comic book shop
  • What is a pull list and how to start one
  • Where to buy comics
  • A guide to pre-ordering comic books
  • Comic book terminology
  • And more!

I want to help cultivate a new generation of readers that embrace the comics medium. There are so many different comics and give recommendations for those just starting out.

I won’t be tackling this project alone and will also be seeking out guests to talk about specific topics as well to help educate and give their unique perspectives.

If you want to be a part of this or think you can offer valuable insight into a topic that would fall under this new column, get in touch! Email and we can chat more about what you’d like to talk about.

The original series was posted over on Rogues Portal. You can find the archive of the pieces there, should you be so inclined.

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