How to Lock Down Your Social Media

We love the comic book industry, but it has its flaws. One of those flaws lies within the fandom itself which can cause some less than stellar interactions on social media. If you’re being targeted and harassed online, Zoë Quinn put together some resources via Crash Override Network to help lock down your social media.


  • C.O.A.C.H: Crash Override’s Automated Cybersecurity Helper. An interactive step-by-step tool that will help you protect your online life.


  • Account Security 101: Passwords, Multifactor, Social Engineering, and You: Learn how to create and manage strong passwords and prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.
  • Preventing Doxing: “Doxing” is a common first-stage tactic of mobs abusers looking to intimidate their targets and start digging up information on their life. Learn some tricks to help prevent it here.
  • Guide: Talking to Family and Police: We’ve assembled a few basic tips that we’ve found help the less tech-savvy people in our lives understand the very real toll of internet harassment, as well as some basic tips to get on the same page with the people in your life and law enforcement, in the event that you unfortunately need it.
  • So You’ve Been Doxed: A Guide to Best Practices: A primer on the realities, pathology, and personal solutions for this particularly nasty form of online harassment.




  • LastPass: A program that helps you generate and store long, unique passwords without the headache.
  • A directory of which sites will let you use two-factor authentication, and how to enable it.
  • JustDelete.Me: Find and delete old accounts.
  • Burner: Generate burner phone numbers locally on your smartphone.
  • TOR: Protect your privacy and location while you access the internet.
  • Prey: Remotely lock down your devices.

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