Consignment Form Template for Retailers

Coming off of our list, Comic Shops to Sell Your Indie Comics and Wares At, we wanted to help retailers become friendlier to local and indie creators. Fostering a comics community within your town or city is really important, and having a place where locals can buy content by other locals can go such a long way.

For shops that don’t have consignment forms yet, we put together a template based on what Challengers Comics in Chicago has put together (with their permission). It’s a Word document so you should be able to edit and add to it as needed. There’s a spot to even include your store logo! Click on the preview image or Download Now link below to save the form.


We’re planning a full piece to discuss best practices for retailers when it comes to consignment and outright buying comics from indie and local creators, so stay tuned for that as well.

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